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Vehicle Loss Privilege Program

What it is


To help replace your vehicle in the event of a vehicle loss, Volkswagen Protection Plus® Vehicle Loss Privilege Program* gives you a host of options for different loss events that can occur:


1. Negative Equity Privilege

When your vehicle is a total write-off and your balance on your vehicle loan is more than what your vehicle is worth, Negative Equity Privilege can step in to help. By providing an in-store loyalty discount†† for the difference between your insurer settlement amount and the remaining loan balance, this program can help you replace your Volkswagen.


2a. Total Loss Event Privilege

Sometimes, you do have to completely let go. Your insurer would call this a total loss of your vehicle (from such things as collision, fire or theft). In such a scenario, your insurer will quite often only pay the fair market value of your vehicle. With Total Loss Event Privilege, you’re eligible for a fixed in-store loyalty discount†† towards a replacement vehicle which helps offset some of the added cost of getting that new set of wheels.


2b. Partial Loss Event Privilege

In case your last fender-bender resulted in a damage record on your vehicle’s history report, a damage declaration could reduce the resale value of your vehicle. That’s why having a Partial Loss Event Privilege can be so beneficial. When it’s time to purchase or lease a new vehicle, it provides an in-store loyalty discount †† to help you make up for the loss in resale value.


3. Theft Event Privilege

With Theft Event Privilege, in the event your vehicle is stolen and not recovered, you are eligible for a fixed in-store loyalty discount †† towards a replacement vehicle.


  • Payable in affordable monthly installments
  • 60-day money back guarantee



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